Mother and Child Rights

Comprehensive and appropriate development for effective results

“Reduction in Maternal Mortality in deprived regions of the world will depend on Education for Sexual and Reproductive Health with Rights  (SRHR)”.

A publication in the Lancet from USAIDS (Lancet Commissions) provides Key recommendations (published on line, 25th June 2015)  www.the 

Get serious about HIV prevention—including combination prevention—and continue the expansion of access to treatment, while also working to address structural determinants of health that put people at risk
Forge new paths to uphold human rights and address criminalisation, stigma, and discrimination using practical approaches to change laws, policies, and public attitudes that violate human rights
Urgently ramp up and fully fund AIDS efforts efficiently, and emphasise sustainability; the next 5 years present a window of opportunity to scale up the AIDS response to end AIDS as a public health problem by 2030; failing to do so, and to continue the already significant efforts, will increase the number of deaths and new HIV infections by 2020
Demand robust accountability, transparency, and better data; this relies on fresh processes and mechanisms to enable more transparent data review, improve research on high-risk populations, and link data to policies and programmes
Reinforce and renew the leadership and engagement of people living with HIV, strengthening and expanding their decision-making roles in policy design, implementation, and evaluation, and invest in activism as a global public good
Invest in research and innovation in all facets of the AIDS response; an effective vaccine and a cure remain priorities, and others include epidemiological studies of high-risk populations and hot spots, socio-behavioural research, implementation research, and country-specific research on how services are delivered across health care
Promote more inclusive, coherent, and accountable AIDS and health governance; establish a multi-stakeholdermulti sector platform to address determinants of health.