Mother and Child Rights

Comprehensive and appropriate development for effective results


“No society has ever seen a broad based reduction in poverty without major and sustained investment in the rights of people to health, nutrition and basic education”  

We would add that Education for Rights is an aspect of education which is equally important.

This gives to children an understanding of their entitlements. Such training is important if girls are to develop a confidence in their lives, and the boys learn respect for the girls and all others.

In general throughout the world, children need to know what they deserve. Trained local people can provide education for children’s rights. The children themselves should know this includes 

  • protection
  • survival
  • participation
  • development
Teaching of Malawian graduates in Midwifery, Teacher Training, and Public Health, either at Malawian Colleges or Scottish Universities, is encouraged with the following objectives,
  •  to encourage and evaluate reproductive education of boys and girls.
  •  to appreciate the need to educate themselves in children’s rights.
  • to teach empowerment of girls so that they delay their sexual lives until their physical and social maturity is adequate for decisions about pregnancy,
  •  to aid people’s understanding of the importance of protected sex which reduces the risks of HIV and other sexually   transmitted infections (STI).
The means:………………………….